Aerial Views for Construction & Development Projects

EagleHawk completes aerial thermal roof inspections efficiently and effectively using highly sensitive thermal imagers mounted to UAS or “Drone” platforms. 

Low Altitude-High Resolution Site Ortho Imagery 

Large amounts of actionable data in a fraction of the time

- elevation contour mapping at custom intervals

- relative and centimeter level accuracy

- custom geographic projections so you can easily integrate with your existing data

- beautiful, current 2 dimensional ortho-photo maps for your project area

- instant Volume, Area and Distance calculations

Manual Land Area Survey vs data collection with UAS/drones

  • 85 acre land area. GPS shots taken every 50ft. 1,632 total shots. ~80 hours


  • 10 GCPs taken throughout 85 acre area, < 2 hours


  • Planned drone flight capturing nadir imagery, < 1 hour

Efficient 3D Modeling - Point clouds, CAD exports and 3D printing capable.