Created for the consideration of

360 degree Panoramas - Perfect for sharing and exploring any environment in 3D, providing an immersive perspective from the sky. 

*** This panorama is for example purposes only. We could add BNRiverkeeper logo or any other relevant logo or information desired to the background of the image. (location, historic info, etc)

Aerial Photography - Creative & Professional imagery from the sky over a project site. Aerials would be great for BN Riverkeeper project progress, websites and/or social media marketing. 

Produced Promotional Video - A one to two minute promotional video incorporating aerial and ground based media. Promo videos are created with specific purpose and design in mind for each client. A promo video for BNRiverkeeper that includes the use of aerial media would be an awesome piece that could be used on websites and social media to promote projects.

3D Model - A 3D model of a project area can be used for internal purposes by your organization or can be used for marketing purposes on websites or social media. A 3D model of a project site could also be printed and used for display!

Mapping Services - Create beautiful and accurate maps of any environment or project area. We can generate elevation data and create high resolution ortho-photo maps using imagery obtained from drone flights.

Additional Services 

  • Live Streaming to Facebook page or YouTube, etc channel

  • Aerial Photography, Video

  • Photo and video editing; post production