Condition Assessments

EagleHawk uses drones to conduct data collection and visual condition assessments for any type of infrastructure. Using drones we can easily access and provide views to areas and components that are hard to reach or create life safety hazards. UAS based inspections and data collection are the most economical and safest means to accomplish these tasks. 

Engineering & Design

We work with engineers and architects to develop site and structural plans for design purposes. EagleHawk has works with firms to conduct fast, non invasive inspections that allow for streamlined and cost effective planning and or remediation. 

Geo-Data Collection & Mapping

EagleHawk uses drones in the sky and terrestrial GNSS receivers to generate current high resolution ortho imagery and elevation data for project sites. EagleHawk services are an ideal solution for site survey and assessment purposes during the course of a project. EagleHawk generates visual, elevation and 3D data during drone operations, which is then converted in to a usable format for its clients.